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How to add your site

The EgyptSearch database is divided into categories, therefore you will need to decide which category best fits your site. If you cannot find a category for your site and think that a new one should be added, then please contact us and we'll look into adding it for you.

  • Step 1 : Be sure that your site doesn't already exist. Try searching by keyword or browse by category and see if your site is already in the database. If your site already exists and you don't know or forgot the password, then just click on the [Edit] link and go to the "Forgot Your Password" section. Type in your e-mail address and if any sites are registered to you, then you will receive the passwords.

  • Step 2 : Select a category for your site. Begin at the homepage and click through the categories, then sub-categories until you can't go any further. At the bottom of the screen will be an "Add URL" link.

  • Step 3 : After clicking the Add URL link, you will be asked for the Title, description, URL, e-mail and password to the site. Note that your e-mail will not be displayed on the search results and is only for internal use. The password you supply enables you to come back and make modifications to your listing .. such as the title, description, URL etc.

  • Step 4 : After the "Click To Continue" button is pressed, your site will be put on standby in our database until someone from EgyptSearch reviews your entry and then approves it. Once your site is approved, you will receive an automatic Thank You e-mail.

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