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Author Topic:   Egyptian Hand Signals
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By Andre Austin

The Bible at times is written in cryptic symbolic language. If you’re not familiar with the Egyptian religion many items in the New Testament will fly over your head.

Such is the case with Jesus (Horus) teachings on his kingdom. In the Bible it states several analogies to the Kingdom of God. One says: “And there shall be signs in the sun and moon and in the stars…so likewise ye when ye see these things come to pass (eclipse), know that the Kingdom of God is nigh (near) at hand (eclipse/horns)”. –Luke 21:25 and 31.The Koran is more precise and straight to the point in this event by calling it an eclipse. Koran states: “When will be this day of resurrection but when sight is confounded and the moon is eclipsed. And the sun and moon are united”. Now if you place your two hands together with the two thumbs on opposite sides you can create your own horns of a crescent shape figure. Now when there is an eclipse the sun and moon can’t totally block each other so we are left with a ring of fire/gold the symbol of marriage. Rings were first used in Egypt to symbol the unity of lower and Upper Egypt in 3100 BC. Osiris and Isis/Hathor were symbols of marriage between the sun and moon. Jesus bride comes when the New Kingdom comes.

Paul wrote in 1 Cor 15:52 “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump will sound, and the dead shall be raised”. Therefore when the eye twinkle/close we have darkness/Eclipse. The Christians like the Egyptians equated light/sun with the eye Luke 11:34. The eye was symbolic of the sun and moon for healing and Knowledge. For the Egyptians the sun and moon went hand and hand. The moon healed and transported you to the Light of knowledge where new books are opened up.

Once we get passed the surface of the cryptic scripture we then can appreciate all of its Egyptian Origins. “During Roman times, the star and crescent moon symbolized Regal (king/horns) powers, namely, majesty or sovereignty”. -The Star of Bethlehem By Michael R. Molnar p.110.

But how do we get Horns to Kings to Hands? Well we all know the Bible associate horns with kings (kingdoms) in Revelations 17:12. The Egyptian God Amen-Ra wears the horns of a ram/lamb also. But Amen was double. Amen-Ta was spirit/moon/earth and Amen-Ra was sun. Therefore one horn was sun the other the moon. It’s interesting to note Socrates accusers cited he said the moon was earth. According to Lewis Spence “As Guardians of the dead Hathor [also whore of Babylon] is figured as a cow, issuing from the mountain [or upside down pyramid] of the west [sunset/moon], Hathor might be regarded as the western sky, but the myth might be equally significant of the moon, which sometimes stands on the mountain of the west [see Luke 21:21] after the time of sunset, with horns resembling hands outstretched to welcome the unseen souls”-see Ancient Egyptian myths and Legends by Lewis Spence p.165

In Egyptian society, the judge Thoth [also symbolic of moon] and the scribe of the dead, wrote down his [souls] acquittal for all truthful souls.Horus/Jesus then took the deceased by the Hand and led the new subject to his father”-Life in ancient Egypt By Adolf Erman p. 309.

So all of this taking by the hand to be in a new heaven/kingdom was new for the NT but old news from Egyptian wisdom. So we have the Moon turning to Blood/hymen/wine and sun to darkness (eclipse) in Acts 2:20. Is nothing but a repeat of the Sun/Moon being married/united. The Moon was highly associated with water. So when the moon made an advancement/pass at the sun it was for a wedding which is a word opposite of receding, a withdrawal of water. This is why we can find Horus making “Grape water” at a canal and find the fictional Jesus copying him turning water into wine at a wedding in the fictional city of Cana [i.e. Horus Canal]. We have the marriage ceremony in Church forming triangles/pyramids, which were called mountains of sunrise and sunset (moon). But the Bible hates Hathor who the Egyptians also called “winepress”. Jesus kills her with her own winepress and her horses. Hathor was also known as the “Lady of Horses”. Now why is it that in the churches wedding ceremonies we say to take each others hand in marriage? Because we are imitating the joining of the sun and moon. The two coming together as one (Matthew 19:5). Our rings of Gold/silver is a reflection of sun/fire and moon/water/silver or diamond which looks like water.


1.Associating hands with Kingdoms and territory was also used by King Cyrus (d.529BC). Cyrus said: Gave into my hands the four corners of the earth”-The bible as History By Werner Keller p.328
2. The Bible piggy backed on Cyrus statement reinforcing the idea of hands being associated with power see Isaiah 45:1;11 and verse 12.Why Hands? Because of its association with horns and Kingdoms.
3.The Playwright Sophocles (494BC) stated:
“Oh life so pinnacled of Fame
What envy dogs your trail?
And for a kingship that the star
Put in my hands”- Oedipus the King
Sophocles uses the same language as in Luke 21:25
4. Hands are also associated with the Holy spirit (Acts 8:18). I have all ready pointed out that the hands of some Egyptians figures like Hathor and Horus are used to take souls/sprits to heaven which they become eternal spirits. Acts 8:18 is just a reflection of hands/moon/spirit being taken from west to east to an eternal star Light in gods kingdom.
5. The Greek historian Didorus (80-20Bc) reported in book 2:31 that the moon was thought to take objects for transportation.
6. Jesus also said: “The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain King which made a marriage for his son” Matthew 22:2 .Verse 13 has a man bound by his hand and foot so he couldn’t marry. Just reinforcing the point of hands to crescent horns of sun and moon for marriage in a kingdom.
7.The God Amen uses “His horns pushes then-his spirit” see Life in ancient Egypt by Adolf Erman p.57. This also ties in the laying of hands/horns with spirits on the moon/earth.
8. We must also consider several statements by Jesus to be of Egyptian origin. The only sign being given is like that of Jonah being in water for three days, baptism by water.spirit and fire, worshiping god in spirit and truth and Jesus baptism. First the Baptism of Jesus going under water was written about in Euripides “Bacchae” play. Herodotus 2:81 already said Bacchae was Egyptian in origin.Please read my essay “Was Jesus Biography taken from a Greek play?”. It proves that Jesus going under water then rising up was just symbolic of Amen-Ta the personification of the sunset (moon/earth) when it was hidden from view in the Underworld underwater. Also read another related essay “Who is Amen?”. In Egypt the water/moon helps takes spirits to the central fire. And the unseen spirit was Amen-Ta and truth/light is Amen-Ra.

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