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Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Asar Imhotep's book Nsw.t Bjt.j Jump to new posts by Clyde Winters (52)   

This paper nt/qt0qt6q69k/qt0qt6q69k.pdf does not really dispute Diop's research. the key to confirming a genetic relationship is regular correspondence,...
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Abydos pharoanic images predate Qustul? Jump to new posts by the lioness, (19)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Oshun: If the white crown did originate in Qustul doesn't that mean that at least part of the pharaonic tradition comes from Qustul? Wasn't the white crown more dominant...
Deshret Icon 1 Re: Nigerian Batik Designer: Re-thinking African Education Jump to new posts by Snakepit1 (3)   

" In fact, much of African History and Arts, were excavated, and bought by Europeans, while Subsahran tribal kings, were busy kidnapping, slaving, and selling their own people, even after they made lots...
Kemet Icon 1 Re: South Africa's New Directions Jump to new posts by Red, White, and Blue + Christian (5)
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Genetic History of African-Descendant Maroon & South American Communities Jump to new posts by Red, White, and Blue + Christian (6)   

Thanks or Gracias Elmaestro.
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: The Melanesian Origin of the People of Tierra Del Fuego. Jump to new posts by Red, White, and Blue + Christian (18)   

The official story is that Native Americans are mainly derived from people from North East Asia who came across the Bering Strait long ago. They now admit that Melanesians and Africans reached the New...
Kemet Icon 1 Re: Does this pic accurately represent African diversity? Jump to new posts by Red, White, and Blue + Christian (10)   

Do what you want to do. Everybody has their own opinion.
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Someone explain in as simple a way as possible why Natufians are African Jump to new posts by Akachi (13)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by beyoku: What autosomal dna, Y-DNA and Mtdna do Niger Konrdofanian speakers and Natufian share? ----- I don't believe that that line of evidence necessary (nor completely...
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Were nomes tribes? Jump to new posts by Linda Fahr (11)   

By the way, instead concentrate and guessing on ancient Egyptians why not take a good look at "Mbo" people from Cameron? You will be surprised with their ancient kingdom achievements by the Black Sea....

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