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Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Archeologist Discovered a Huge 3000 year old Royal Egyptian tomb Jump to new posts by sudaniya (81)   

Ancient Egyptians were Northeast African blacks and Europeans and other "Eurasians" should just stick to their own histories instead of engaging in this pathetic and disgusting campaign of extricating...
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Ancient Egyptians DNA is Less Sub Saharan than modern Egyptian DNA. Jump to new posts by Elmaestro (405)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Ish Gebor: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by xyyman: [qb] Why are we talking about Amarnas? Because it was brought up in this thread and this new paper(abstract) was...
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Minoan paintings of blacks are a hoax Jump to new posts by Ish Gebor (10)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Oshun: if haplogroup H came from southwest Asia 25kya why would mentioning it add credence to African ancestral influences to the Minoans? ----- Look at the old posts...
Ancient Egypt Icon 1 Re: Iran complains Russia sold out Syria and Iran air defenses to Israel Jump to new posts by Mike111 (2)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by jantavanta: They also have solidarity to make sure that Black People do not take over the world again. That is why no African country is a permanent Member of the UN...
Ancient Egypt Icon 1 Re: Some interesting articles Jump to new posts by Tehutimes (252)   

Linguistic similarities from Congo to Japan very interesting. I guess you know Yoruba and Akan surnames & place names have virtual counterparts in East Asia.Edo State:Nigeria Azuka:Yoruban name Edo a...
Ancient Egypt Icon 1 Re: Brown, Black and White Graeco Roman Gods and Goddesses Jump to new posts by Tehutimes (72)   

Interesting art forms some of them definitely depicting people and ideas from Black African cultural themes.
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Are Serbs from Sardinia? Jump to new posts by Tehutimes (1)   

Cool article, wild European tribal clothes and savage Serbs vs the cultured Romans.The ancient Germanic tribes also were reluctant to bow to Roman occupation of their tribal realms.
Ancient Egypt Icon 1 Re: Black Romans and Greeks Jump to new posts by mena7 (204)   

Mike most of the time I post pictures of Black and Mulato Greeks and Romans, sometime I will post pictures of White Greeks and Romans. I think Graeco Romans civilization was composed of people of different...
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: Should the Bantu migration be revisited? Jump to new posts by ELIMU (238)   

[QUOTE]Originally posted by BlessedbyHorus: [QB] I feel like emailing Ferg Somo to ask what made him come to his/her views and also to ask his opinions on recent materials.
Egyptology Icon 1 Re: CARLOS OLIVER COKE BIG BLACK DICK HOAX Jump to new posts by Ish Gebor (31)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Cass/: Read that source for Congo: self-reported. Yes, people lie about their penis size. Average Congo is not 7 inches, but between 5 and 5.5 when measured by doctors,...

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