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Author Topic: Suggest Best Foods For Body Builders ?
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I hope you people would do exercise in form of body building which is necessary for fitness and muscle development but Foods is extremely very important for muscle growth and fitness . So i am looking forward to know about it from you people .

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I hope you people would do exercise in form of body building which is necessary for fitness and muscle development but Foods is extremely very important for muscle growth and fitness . So i am looking forward to know about it from you people .
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Some foods especially relate to well proportioned bodies,
in different groups.


Again and again, white writers note the greater length
of the negro, and warn that white women would find sex painful,
due to more powerful negro equipment. Such warnings
also helped discourage white women from sexual
activity with the powerful black males. QUOTE:


"One of the distinctive traits of the Ethiopians [negroes],
according to Serres, is the length of his penis,
compared to that of the White man's organ. Its
dimension is presumably commensurate with the
excessive length of the vaginal canal of the
Ethiopian [negro] woman. Both phenomena apparently
have to do with the peculiar configuration of the
pelvis of Black people. "From this particular
physical make-up", Serres continues, "it ensues
that the union of a Caucasian man and an Ethiopians
woman is easy, without discomfort to the woman. Such
is not the case with the union of an Ethiopian man
and a Caucasian woman. The act is painful to the woman;"

--Joseph-Anténor Firmin, Asselin Charles. 1897.
The equality of the human races

One experienced European physician with extensive
travel abroad, notes the negro lengths, and correlates
size with buttock width- a marker noted in modern

It is known however that the negro's member is
much greater than that of other races. During the
years that I practised as a doctor in South
America I have verified this completely. This
greater volume of the member of the man,
corresponds with a greater width of the parts of
the negroes.

--Paolo Mantegazza. 2001. (re-issue) The Sexual Relations of Mankind

More powerful and developed Negro gluteus correlates
with penis size one current study claims. Flat buttocks
of Caucasians may lack this correlation

The supposed relationship between penile length and gluteal size
may have a scientific basis, but contrary to belief, large buttocks is
more predictive of longer penile length than small buttocks."

-- Orakwe JC, et al. Show all. Can physique and gluteal size predict
penile length in adult Nigerian men?. West Afr J Med. 2006 Jul-Sep;25(3):223-5.

Measurements and observations of a French surgeon in the
colonial era testify of superior Negro endowment, compared to whites.

"Even when flabby, the Negro's yard still retains a size and
consistence that are greater than that of the European, whose
organ shrivels up and becomes soft and limp. The average
size of the penis generally appeared to me to be about 7 3/4 to 8 inches
in length, by two inches in diameter. Except with young lads, just arrived
at the age of puberty, the penis is rarely less than 6 1/2 inches in length..
I took these measurements from the Sharpshooters, amongst whom
I met specimens of the most of the races of Senegal and the Upper
Niger. I often came across a penis of 9 3/4 to 10 inches by 2 1/4 inches,
and once, in a young Bambara, barely twenty years of age, found a
monstrous organ 11 3/4 inches long by 2.6 inches in diameter at the
circular circumcision mark... I find in Mantegazza and exact confirmation
of what I have just said."

--Jacobus, X. Untrodden fields of anthropology: Observations on the
esoteric Manners and Customs of Semi-civilized peoples, Being a
record fo thirty Years Experience in Asia, Africa, America and Oceania,
By a French Army Surgeon. Vol II, Paris 1898


The Italian surgeon, neurologist, physiologist and anthropologist,
Paolo Mantegazza, also found a pattern of more potent negroes,
specifically contradicting Tropinard who found negro advantage
when flaccid. Mantegazza also references the work of another
German scholar, who too, found negro length to be superior in any state.

"Observations as to the shape and dimensions of the genital organs,
in the various races, are not as yet very numerous; it is proved, however,
that the Negroes generally have the virile member more voluminous than
other people, and I myself verified this statement, during the years I practiced
medicine n South America.. Falkenstein remarked that the Negroes of Loango
had huge members and that their wives reproached our men with having such
small yards. He rejects the singular idea of Topinard, who states that it is only
when flabby that this enormous size is noticed.."

--Gli Amori degli Uomini di Paolo Mantegazza, Senatore del Regno (Milan, 1892

White racist jealously of black potency has long
historical roots scholars suggest, with white obsession
so intense that black African penises where sometimes
preserved and shipped to Europe as curiosities in colonial times.


"Some histories suggest that European explorers and
slave traders sometines even perserved and pickled
the penises of some African males, shipping the back
to Europe as curiosities. Typically, the size of the African
penis was held up as evidence of the "animalistic" and
"subhuman" nature of the black race.

In 1954, in his analysis of the underpinnings of bias and racism,
Gordon Allport referenced the preoccupation with sex and the
black man's penis, suggesting that it was not the physical size
of the penis, but the "psychological" size of the penis that was
the fascination and preoccupation. In Calvin Hernton's work
Sex and Race in America, Hernton describes the history of
Southern white women's preoccupation with black men,
suggesting that black males took on an iconic sexual persona."
--David J. Ley. 2009. Insatiable wives

White envy and jealously may be related to cold
climate evolution that led to smaller penises, some
white writers argue

Summary by G. Howe, 1999

WHite biodiversity or heriditarian authors are
much concerned about negro size, and conduct
obsessive "self-assessment" to compare themselves
with the more powerful blacks..


"No criteria are ever set up to decide how
these groups are established or what traits
should be used in determin- ing membership. This
means that his acceptance of "race" is ultimately
arbitrary and subjective. When "the races" are
compared in terms of appearance and performance
in the quantities of uncritically collected data
assembled in his book, "racial" identity is
determined by "self-assessment." Rushton's basic
units, then, are rooted in folk belief and not in

The possibility that the vast majority
of the human biological traits that have been
shaped by evolution are clinally and independently
distributed in association with the relevant
selective forces is never once considered, and
the word cline is simply missing. One running
concern is how these folk categories compare on
such matters as intelligence and reproductive
behavior. Sex rears its head again and again in
the discussion, with much of the information on
comparative sexual performance based on "self-
assessment." Rushton is obviously much taken with
the "salience of... buttocks and breasts" (pp.
167, 231) as measures of sexuality, although
there is a dearth of objectively collected data.

More telling is his evident fascination with the
"Negroid" penis as an index of "potency" and
libido. In his earlier publications on these
matters, his information came from "self-assessment."
Review: Racialism and Racist Agendas
Author(s): C. Loring Brace
Reviewed work(s):Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A
Life History Perspective by J. Philippe Rushton
Source: American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol.
98, No. 1 (Mar., 1996), pp. 176-177

On numerous white racist websites, denizens of "the faithful" obsessively
catalog interracial celebrity couples, with harsh
racist rhetoric concealing hidden fears and
jealously of black potency, as suggested by some
white authors..

Feelings of inadequacy haunt white racists, directly
and indirectly, among all white social classes,
some white academic writers suggest..

"There is in the psyche of the racist an inordinate disposition for
sexual atrocity. He sees in the Negro the essence of his own
sexuality, that is. those qualities that he wishes for but fears he does not possess."
--Hernton, Calvin 1965. Sex and Racism in America. Grove Press

"This was particularly salient to me when I gave a lecture on
environmental racism before an audience of over 400 of North
Carolina's "most gifted" high school seniors.. [who thought blacks
lagged in some school academic areas] (except for athletic ability
and — as many of my white students routinely point out — penis size)..
--White college professor in American Philosophical
Association newsletter, Spring 2004, vol 103, no 2

Envious southern whites also noted Negro potency, compared to whites, and in
some incidents where blacks faced death for alleged crimes, the whites still noted
the superior potency and continued virility of the doomed Negro.
Dollard relates and incident where a negro sentenced to hang, requested
a woman to spend with him, his last night on earth. "Hitting it" hard all night long,
the negro duly "swung praying" in the morning. Unable to charge the official
accounts to pay for the colored prostitute, the white lawmen could have simply
dismissed her, but instead took up a collection to cover her costs, a sporting
gesture in recognition of the vigorous negro's last ride.


"Seventeenth-century accounts of travel to West Africa included
references to the "extraordinary greatness" of the "members" of
the native males or of their large propagators..." Certainly [Mississippi]
Delta white men discussed the matter of the length of the black man's
penis with both anxiety and envy. One planter told Dollard of entering
a sharecropper cabin unannounced and discovering a black man
preparing for intercourse. Dollard's informant was shocked by the
size of the man's penis 'and gave indication by his arm and
clenched fist of its great length and diameter.' Local legend also
had it that the belief in the greatness of the black mans penis
was confirmed by those who conducted pre-induction physical
examinations in the county in 1917"
--James CObb. 1994. The Most Southern Place on Earth: The Mississippi Delta

and from Dollard 1998:

"This virility-in-the-face-of-death is a good
symbol of the potency of the Negro as it seems
to the white man, and as it may indeed be in fact."

--John Dollard, 1998. Caste and class in a southern town


Ancient Greeks and Romans noted black potency in their art

"The genitalia of black Africans were also
deemed noteworthy to the Greek and Roman artists.
Within the same art piece, black males are
depicted with penises larger than those of white
figures, and in others are shown as being erect."

--Vincent Sarich, Frank Miele. 2005. Race: The
Reality of Human Differences. pg 41

European explorers noted larger penises of Africans compared to whites
"whereof these people are witnesse, who are furnis't with such
members as are after a sort burthensome unto them.."

European explorer Richard Jobson, 1632, observing the large
penises of Mandingo tribesmen, in "The golden trade; or, A discovery of the river Gambra"

Likewise Muslim historian, al-Mas'udi, note of black Sudanese that they possessed:
"elongated penises and excessive merriment".
-- (see Akbar Muhammad, Slaves and Slavery
in Muslim Africa, vol. I, p 68).

Racist architect of the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler's writings reveal an
obsessive fear of negro sexual potency even when railing against Jews..


"The myth of the over-sized black penis may be contrasted with
the turn-of-the-century antisemitic belief that the large Jewish nose
signified a small penis, further truncated by circumcision. Such
images raised questions about Jewish masculinity and virility.
But.. [the] notion of the Jew as cunning seducer, and occasionally
a violent rapist, was a staple of Nazi propaganda. In his passage
warning against 'the black-haired Jewish youth' Hitler also manages
to arouse fears of lack sexuality when he blames Jews for the introduction
into the Rhineland of soldiers from the French African colonies,
some of who had affairs with German women that resulted in children
of mixed ancestry.

Hitler even claimed that the French toleration of black-white intermarriage
and its seeming color blind conception of assimilation was turning France
into' an extension of Africa into the heartland of Europe'.. As for hundreds
of mixed offspring sired on German women by French African colonial
soldiers in the Rhineland during the early postwar years, they were rounded
up and sterilized in 1937.." Had there been a significant black population in
Germany, they might have conceivably have been sent to gas chambers
along with all the Jews who could be apprehended and some of the Gypsies."
---George M. Fredrickson. 2003. Racism: A Short History. Princeton University Press. 120-121

Kinsey data confirmed by Kim...

Extensive Kinsey surveys report black dominance as well
The Kinsey Data: Marginal Tabulations of the 1938-1963 Interviews
Conducted by the Institute for Sex Research
-- the 1979 follow-up to Alfred
Kinsey's famous 1948 survey of male sexual practices in the United States -
reported black advantage. From self-administered measurements given by
roughly ten thousand whites and four hundred blacks, Kinsey Data
authors Paul H. Gebhard and Alab B. Johnson found the average erect
black penis to be longer in length (6.44 inches) and larger in circumference
(4.96 inches) than corresponding white erections (6.15 and 4.83 respectively).
Even larger differences occurred in the flaccid state. Blacks: 4.34 inches long,
3.78 around; whites 3.86 and 3.16)..

--Data from: Paul H. Gebhard and Alan B. Johnson, The Kinsey Data
(Philadelphia: WB Saunders 1979), tables 69-73, pp 116-20)

Modern surveys report the same pattern


Reported by the British Medical Journal- "Penis Size By Ethnicity." -
BMJ: British Medical Journal- Minerva: Volume 324, Issues 7336 2002

Other detailed studies note the same pattern of Negro dominance
with inflated self-reporting especially prevalent among white gays.
When measurements by a neutral observer are taken however,
the Negro potency pattern still holds true across multiple studies.

Measured data 1
da ROs 1994, used neutral researchesr to measure
erect penis lengths and did not rely on self-reporting
which is often inflated. Their sample was 100%
Caucasian. Average erect Caucasian length was
14.5 cm or 5.7 inches.[/b]

(SOURCE: da Ros, C., et al. 'Cauasian Penis:
"What is the Normal SIze?" Journal of Urology,
part 2, 151:323A (1994).

Measured data 2 - Other somewhat similar studies got
averages of 5.35 inches and then 5.0", usually averaging
below 6 inches.
Wessells, Lue and McAninch 1996
also used a neutral researcher to measure erect
men, and an involuntary drug induced erection
technique- avoiding problems with inflated
self-reporting. Their results were similar. With
a mostly Caucasian sample, mean erect length was
12.8 cm or about 5 inches.

(SOURCE: Wessells, H., Lue, T. F., & McAninch,
J. W. (1996). Penile length in the flaccid and
erect states: Guidelines for penile augmentation.
Journal of Urology, 156, 995–997.

"Wessells and McAninch conducted their size
survey after several unhappy patients came to
them with complications resulting from penile
augmentation operations... By injecting 60 men
with a drug that produces erections, and then
measuring the size of their organs with a tape
measure, Jack McAninch and Hunter Wessells of the
University of California, San Francisco,
concluded that an average erect penis is 12.8
centimeters long."

--New Scientist, 2010. How to Make a Tornado: p151

Another study- confirms the same pattern of black potency.
Surveys by condom makers also report the same

Another medical study conducted in the Philippines,
and published in the International Journal of
impotence research (2003) found that the average
erect penile length was .. 12.9cm for occidentals
[approx 5 inches].. Condom manufacturers Ansell,
makers of Lifestyle condoms, who are keen to make
condoms for all penis sizes in order to reduce
condom failure, found that seventy-five percent
of penises have an erect length of between 4.5
inches and 5.5 inches. In general, the average
penis size of blacks is larger than of
--Source: International Journal of Impotence Research (2003) 15: 26-428


Debunking the myth of Italian men. The
most comprehensive study of Italian men, over
3,000 army conscripts in the prime of life revealed
small to moderate dimensions- an average of 12.5cm
stretched length- about 5 inches. QUOTE:

The largest study on penile length was published in 2001 by Ponchietti et al.,
[12] with a sample size of 3000 Italian men. The goal of their study was solely
to determine the variability in penile size. Subjects ranged from age 17 to 19
years and measurements were recorded in the flaccid and flaccid stretched
states. Flaccid circumference was recorded in the middle of the shaft. Mean
flaccid length was 9.0 cm (s.d.=2.0), mean stretched length was 12.5 cm (s.d.=
2.5) and mean circumference was 10.0 cm (s.d.=0.75).
--FROM: Ponchietti R et
al. Penile length and circumference. A study on 3300 young Italian men. Eur Urol
2001; 39: 183-186. MEDLINE -- QUoted in: B.E. Dillon; N.B. Chama; S.C. Honig(2008)
Int J Impot Res. 2008;20(5):519-529.

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