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Author Topic: W A R N I N G ! please read please
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I guess it was bound to happen
as we seek to raise the level
of competency for a website
forum dedicated to scientific
investigation into Egyptology
African Studies and related

I got this using FIREFOX browser
to access any lead page of


Don't know if it's benign and
due to something the owner has
installed or done by an agency
to tab 'militants' (militant is
the opposite of ignorant) but in
any case I thought all should be

Once back in 2005 EgyptSearch was
totally hacked and effectively it
was shutdown prompting creation of
the NileValley site (the real one
not others who've co-opted the name.

~ Ardo ~

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tropicals redacted
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Yes, I got a similar warning.
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zarahan- aka Enrique Cardova
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Got it too, and looks like someone trying to "taint" the site,
so people don;t access it. But they are wasting their time. It's much
too late in the game for such laughable idiocy. The data
is already out and being built up every day. People no
longer need Wikipedia- all the "stealth edits", edit
"wars" or page "guarding" is irrelevant. Nor do people
need old line gatekeepers and "spin" merchants like Natl Geographic.
ES stuff typically appears early in Google searches-
full referenced and cited so people can do their own research
and confirmation. Then there are cross referenced
sites where that data is mirrored, and various poster
sally forth to other forums to hit all comers hard,
using that database. The info ain't going anywhere.

This little ploy still fails and will continue to fail.
At the same time though, people should start saving
everything that catches their fancy and start cross-posting
pieces in full or excerpts to other sites, so that the number
of mirrors expands. The more the merrier. Save and cross-post,

What the mods need to to though is to contact Google
and report this as a malicious hack or false report.
Some other organizations have had similar problems
as shown below.


The procedure is to request a review.- Quote:

"If you are the owner of this web site, you can request a review of your site using Google's Webmaster Tools. More information about the review process is available in Google's Webmaster Help Center.'

Also go through the procedure listed below as well
at stopbadware/org.


It is obvious that ES enemies and detractors want
desperately to stop the flow of data. This ploy
can be overcome. If the site has been hacked the
procedure above applies as well. here is some text:


How do I know if my site is infected?

One indication that your site may have been infected with badware is if your site displays a browser warning, such as "Reported attack site" or "This site may harm your computer." A warning like this means that Google has detected something suspicious on your site, and your site may have been altered or infected without your knowledge. Google and several other companies issue warnings about compromised websites in order to protect users—like your site's visitors. StopBadware can help you figure out what to do next and how to get your site off the blacklist.
Other indications that your site may be infected:

Visitors see a warning from their antivirus software when they visit your site
You see strange search engine results for your site, such as advertisements for pharmaceutical products
Your site redirects to an unknown domain when you navigate to it in your browser, or when you try to access it from search engine results
You notice that permissions or files have been altered, or new users have been added
You have email notifications from Google or your web hosting provider about possible malware on your site

How did this happen?

Most sites we see are compromised through a security hole, like outdated software or plugins, stolen passwords, or insecure permissions. Using an infected PC to update your website can also cause the site to become infected. Another common way that legitimate sites are compromised is through the ads provided by an advertising network. Many ad networks take steps to guard against bad ads, but this system is not foolproof.

If your site has been infected, it's important that you take it offline until you have identified and removed the badware. If your visitors access your site while it is still infected, their computers may be put at risk!

Your first step in cleaning up is to learn how to identify and remove badware.

This page provides information about identifying and removing website badware. It does not cover every situation, only the most common cases we see at StopBadware. Some cases may require further help from a security professional. For additional information and volunteer assistance, visit our community forum: BadwareBusters.org.

Before you clean up your site, we recommend you:

Take your site offline. Doing this will help you protect your visitors.
Use a reputable antivirus product to scan your PC. Antivirus software won't detect infections on your website, but if your PC is infected, it can compromise your website. Make sure your PC is clean before you make any changes to your site.
Make sure you are running the latest version of your website software. Whether it's WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, or something else, be sure you have the latest version. Update if your software is outdated.
Change all passwords. That means your FTP/SFTP password, admin panel, and anything else you use to log in or alter your website.

Common types of badware behavior

The three most common types of badware behavior StopBadware sees on compromised websites are malicious scripts, .htaccess redirects, and hidden iframes.
Malicious scripts

Malicious scripts are often used to redirect website visitors to a different site, or to load badware from another source. See how this script misspells "analytics"? Some malicious scripts use names that look like they're coming from legitimate sites.

These scripts will often be injected by an attacker into the content of your web pages, or sometimes into other files on your server, such as images or PDFs. Sometimes, instead of injecting the entire script into your web pages, the attacker will only inject a pointer to a .js or other file that the attacker saves in a directory on your web server.

Many malicious scripts (like the one below) use obfuscation to make them more difficult for antivirus scanners to detect.

.htaccess redirects

The Apache web server, which is used by many hosting providers, uses a hidden server file called .htaccess to configure certain access settings for directories on the website. Attackers will sometimes modify an existing .htaccess file on your web server or upload new .htaccess files to your web server containing instructions to redirect users to badware websites.

Hidden iframes

An iframe is a section of a web page that loads content from another page or site. Attackers will often inject malicious iframes into a web page or other file on your server. Often, these iframes will be configured so they don't show up on the web page when someone visits the page, but the malicious content they are loading will still load, hidden from the visitor's view.

How do I find badware on my site?

If Google is blacklisting your site for suspicious activity, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to find more information about what Google detected. If you do not have a Webmaster Tools account, you can create one for free. The "Fetch as Google" tool in Webmaster Tools helps you look at parts of your site the way Google's detection systems see them.

You can also look at Google's Safe Browsing diagnostic page for your site. To see your site's Google diagnostic page, replace "example.com" in the following URL with your site's domain: http://google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http://example.com

Other ways to look for badware:

Ask for help from StopBadware's community forum. Our community members include several security experts and professionals who may be able to offer you specific advice about your site.
Use free and/or paid website scanning services. StopBadware does not currently recommend or endorse such services, but our community can point you to their preferred scanning tools. Several scanners and other tools are listed on our Additional Resources page.
Use a file viewing tool to help you look for suspicious content. One of StopBadware's community forum moderators has a free file viewer that helps site owners identify malicious redirects.
Hire a professional. If you are not confident in your ability to find and remove website malware on your own, hiring a professional website malware removal company to help you may be your best option to resolve the problem quickly. Several representatives of such companies regularly answer questions on our community forum; you can also use a search engine to find a relevant company.
See our Additional Resources page for a list of additional articles and sources on cleaning up hacked sites.

How do I remove badware?

If you have a clean backup of your site's contents, you may be able to restore the site by re-uploading all of the site's files—including your website software (WordPress, Drupal, other). When doing this, make sure that you are using the latest version of your site's software. Be aware that you may be overwriting files that have changed since your last backup. Some hosting providers are able to assist owners of hacked sites in cleaning up or restoring their sites; to see if your host can help you, contact your hosting provider's support department.

If you do not have a clean backup of your site, manual removal of the bad code may be your best option. Once you have located the code that is causing the badware behavior, removing it can be as simple as deleting the offending code from all files in which it appears. You should be sure to check hidden files for instances of bad code, too. In some cases, the bad content may be stored in one or more database records, in which case restoring a recent backup of the database or manually editing the relevant records may be necessary.
Next steps

If you've found and removed the badware on your site, your next step is to request a review from the company blacklisting your site.
I'm blacklisted by Google
I'm blacklisted by another data provider

Not sure if you're blacklisted? Search for your site in our Clearinghouse to see if any of our data providers are currently listing it for badware.


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GOOGLE's msg about our site

ok follow this link


only 4 pages are infected
but they don't say which

i suspect the "ad" forums
the poster tag JOVA

I have no ban power nor
am I deleting JOVA's
post (not risking my

Suggest everybody hit
the CONTACT link to
Sami and hope JOVA
isn't one of his

Hey Samy! can't make
money off of a GOOGLE
barred website!!!!

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A Habsburg Agenda
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When is this going to be fixed? Who is the site administrator and why hasn't he or she fixed it?

It doesn't create a good impression. It is a week since this message appeared.

The Habsburg Agenda - Defending Western Christian civilization

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I only visit here now
using an old laptop I
don't care about and
only for mod purposes.

I don't advise anyone
risking their property
by visiting this site.

Just migrate to ESR
unless or until this
site's owner fixes it.

Try writing him by
clicking CONTACT
and then clicking
CONTACT again on
that page.

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I receive the same virus warning using Google when I was trying to enter EGSF. When I use Yahoo I don't get any warning and I can enter the site. The protest against white people playing the role of black Egyptian people in the movie Exodus have show that many Black, White, Latino and Asian people have been educated by EGSF and other website that the Ancient Egyptian were black African people.
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