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Posted by Chopper City (Member # 16969) on :
Folks, what is the actual meaning esoteric or otherwise of the left foot forward ritual often seen in Egyptian statues, but can also be seen elsewhere as in this statue:


Cheers folks
Posted by Gigantic (Member # 17311) on :
People who are right handed, for the most part, proceed with their left foot first when they walk. Most Egyptians were right handed. It has to do with balance; right handers will swing their right arm foward when they start off to walk and for the sake of a balance stride, they counter the swing with with the left leg first. Get it? Nothing spooky about it (although I suspect that is what you are looking for).
Posted by Chopper City (Member # 16969) on :

Do you mind not posting on my thread if you always have to come across with this passive-aggressive tone in your words? What's irking you?

Just answer the question without emotion. It's not too much to ask.


Any deeper explanations are very welcome. Especially those alluding to ancient Egyptian rites and rituals.
Posted by Gigantic (Member # 17311) on :
^Please, provide the words in my post that suggest emotion on my part. I will avoid using them in the future when responding to your query.
Posted by anguishofbeing (Member # 16736) on :
Originally posted by Chopper City:
Gigantic, What's irking you?

his ignorance.
Posted by Whatbox (Member # 10819) on :
Perhaps the emphasis of thought is on the pushing off of the right foot.
Posted by Chopper City (Member # 16969) on :
^ Sorry I didn't get that. Did you mean the thinking behind the concept has something to do with the right foot?

Please expand.
Posted by Whatbox (Member # 10819) on :
When in stride your left foot is forward, your right foot is back and this is the foot you are pushing off of.

But maybe this AE left foot thing was like our expression of "you want to start on the right foot"
Posted by chanel123 (Member # 18293) on :
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Posted by Al Waze-look King (Member # 18672) on :
Hopefully CC is still following this thread. The real meaning behind the position of the statue is esoteric. The left side of your body is where the heart is. The Egyptians believed you stepped with the left foot to trod out evil so the heart could proceed. The FreeMasons, being based on the Egyptian Secret Schools adopted this. They then proceeded to influence the American Militia/Military "Left, Left, Left-Right-Left"

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