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i have found a forum involving Haile Selassie 1st in which many things like this are said;

"Secondly, If Selassie indeed stated that "the Ethiopians did not regard themselves as Africans, but as 'a mixed Hamito-Semitic people

^Where the hell would he have gotten the idea of a "Hamitio-Semitic" person? This is an antiquated anthropological term that has since been discarded. It is certainly not something Ethiopians would believe as it is derived from early 20th century anthropology."

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i have not been able to read the whole forum yet, but this instantly clears up any questions etc -

"However, in yet perhaps a broader sense is Ethiopia’s geographical position of significance. Through her location on the shores of the Red Sea and in the horn of East Africa, Ethiopia has profound historical ties with the rest of the Middle East as well as with Africa.
In this respect she stands in a completely unique position. Her culture and social structure were founded in the mingling of her original culture and civilization with the Hamitic and Semitic migrations into Africa from the Arabian peninsula, and, in fact, today, our language, Amharic, is a member of that large family of Hamitic and Semitic tongues and. therefore, intimately related to Hebrew and Arabic.
Indeed, at one time Ethiopia extended to both sides of the Red Sea as well as north to Upper Egypt. It was, therefore, not without reason that, during the Middle Ages, the Emperor was known as “he who maintains order between the Christians and the Moslems.” A profound comprehension of and sympathy with the other states of the Middle East naturally inspires Ethiopian national policies.
On the other hand, three thousand years of history make of Ethiopia a profoundly African state in all that that term implies. In the United Nations, she has been to the forefront in the defense of Africa’s racial, economic and social interests."

this is part of a speech by H.I.M. Haile Selassie 1st.

Full speech =

i hope this helps.
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↑ it's something or someone with an inferior complex that made up that sh.t.

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