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Posted by Tetrahedronix (Member # 22731) on :
Hey everyone,

I've been reading this forum for some years and this forum spurred my interest into genetics and Ancient Africa years ago.I am African-American from Northwest Florida. This site has taught me alot about understanding history and deciphering the eurocentric paradigm built into our looking glass. Please don't mistake my language for some kemetic type or Black Hebrew, I only speak bluntly because I grew up deeply entrenched in the conservative south and all of its eurocentric ideologies.I am dedicated to learning as much as I can in my spare time, I currently have a youtube channel discussing the validity of biological race, genetics, neanderthals and Ancient Egypt. I am just a student so I come here to learn from you guys as much as I can.
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Posted by Linda Fahr (Member # 21979) on :
The best History forum in the world. I am pleased to be here, to learn and share our ancient African history, It's contribution to humanity since ancient, high middle ages and middle ages civilizations across the planet Earth.

Thank you ....
Posted by Punos_Rey (Member # 21929) on :
Welcome, Linda
Posted by lpgreen (Member # 22847) on :
You can learn many things here Tetrahedronix.

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