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1 The Ancient Egyptian state had an indigenous African origin (latest studies) (post #11) Egyptology
2 The 'Average' Northwest African Phenotype/Origins of Northwest Africans (post #103) Egyptology
3 What is a true "Arab" ? (post #730) Deshret
4 African Brother in Morocco wanted for Atheism.. (post #17) Deshret
5 Zambian Vice president Guy Scott, bio and recent remarks on SA (post #30) Deshret
6 Mummy Genetics Study May Be Prelude To Widespread Genome Mapping Of Ancient Egyptians (post #75) Egyptology
7 Uncovering the Origins of Ancient Egypt (post #114) Egyptology
8 History student notices artifact tampering (Abu Simbel) on the History Channel (post #21) Deshret
9 The Boston bomber (post #32) Deshret
10 The latest lies from the Albinos (The lie is that they don't know what happened) (post #2) Deshret
11 Stealing Africa (post #75) Deshret
12 Is Kmtian wavy and straight hair the only trait not shared with Ancient Nubians? (post #466) Egyptology
13 Some Historic Shots from Asia (post #50) Deshret
14 The Blues Brothers : America's Killer Robot dealers (post #1) Deshret
15 Allah the Zionist (post #60) Deshret
16 Blonde among the mbuti (post #7) Deshret
17 Iran - Ahmadinejad in hot water over SIN! (post #66) Deshret
18 DNATribes North African Region (post #265) Egyptology
19 Theophile Obenga's "Negro-Egyptian" linguistic phylum (post #90) Egyptology
20 Maqamat Al-Hariri (The Assemblies of al-Hariri), (post #59) Deshret
21 Sousse mosaic circus horses Cupido (post #4) Deshret
22 Venezuela's Hugo Chavez dies aged 58 (post #1) Egyptology
23 Egypt under Rome and Byzantium, 30 B.C.-A.D. 640 (post #88) Deshret
24 Morphological comparisons between ancient Egyptian and Dagara (post #25) Egyptology
25 The Peopling Of The Sahara During the Holocene/Green Sahara (post #68) Egyptology
26 Kingdom of Numidia (post #58) Deshret
27 Vikings and Celts (post #482) Deshret
28 Radical Islamist Militants Are Killing Polio Healthcare Workers (post #3) Deshret
29 Who or what is a Jew? (post #186) Deshret
31 Black men and violence (post #103) Deshret
32 Libya’s displaced Tawergha threaten unilateral return (post #29) Deshret
33 Can you name a Moorish ruler of Spain? (post #33) Deshret
34 Ancient Local Evolution/ Tunisian Berber Populations/ Frigi 2010 (post #15) Egyptology
35 Genomic Ancestry of North Africans Supports Back-to-Africa Migrations Brenna M. Henn (post #351) Egyptology
36 DNATribes AFRICA 2009 (post #3) Egyptology
37 Found the mummy of Amélie of Leuchtenberg The Color of Mummy is Black (post #16) Deshret
38 FIRST BLACK POPE IN 1500 YEARS? (post #74) Deshret
39 Nubian aDNA: what the hell is stopping ES members from claiming CL Fox 1997? (post #2) Egyptology
40 Ramesses III predicted E1b1a (post #193) Egyptology
41 Marriage in Ancient Egypt (post #12) Egyptology
42 Black Chinese (post #48) Deshret
43 Neanderthal Ancestry, Highest in East Asians also found in Maasai (post #30) Deshret
44 Are there subspecies of Human? (post #1) Egyptology
45 Not Out of Africa Revisited (post #78) Deshret
46 AE Forum: Europeans want to be Egyptian and Blacks want to be European (post #18) Deshret
47 It Was God's Plan For Me To Kil Trayvon Martin (post #134) Deshret
48 Why stereotypes exist and why they are valid. (post #27) Deshret
49 The Cuban Carlos Moore currently lives in Brazil and denounces racism in Cuba (post #8) Deshret
50 US Artists against Israeli apartheid movement grows (post #1) Deshret

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