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1 African contribution to Europe (post #0) Deshret
2 Farrakhan is on a roll today! Check out the statement he makes to Obama. (post #0) Deshret
3 Qadhafi just threatened to target commercial airliners (post #0) Deshret
4 Does Al Sharpton know the difference between secede and succeed? (post #0) Deshret
5 "Afrocentric Hoes" or "Black Feminisim", is this a new conscious phenomenon? (post #0) Deshret
6 White Flight (post #0) Deshret
7 Black conscious sister, Blaqueindigo, has been exposed as a fraud. (post #0) Deshret
8 Discovery Of Cretan Tools Points To Sea Travel 130,000 Years Ago (post #0) Deshret
9 If you have not yet seen Tron: Legacy, go see it! (post #0) Deshret
10 While I can't stand Al Sharpton, but HURRAY! for him! (post #0) Deshret
11 Exposed! The real "Rev" Al Sharpton! (post #0) Deshret
12 Has Michelle Obama even looked in the mirror? She is in no position to... (post #0) Deshret
13 WTF?! Is Obama still president or did he just delegate that authority to B. Clinton? (post #0) Deshret
14 Is this sexual selection? (post #0) Deshret
15 "Free Internet a Civil Right for ‘Every Nappy-Headed Child’" (post #0) Deshret
16 A genuine Prophet among us (this dude is real good). (post #0) Deshret
17 Regis and his side kick take swipe at Nicki Minaj (post #0) Deshret
18 Should students be segregated according to IQ? (post #0) Deshret
19 Dr. Clyde Winters is claiming Neanderthals were Africans... (post #0) Deshret
20 Are African Blacks more prone to raping women? (post #0) Deshret
21 Is Sara Suten Setu back on drugs? (post #0) Deshret
22 Holy sh*t! Tell me this chic does not look like a Centauress (post #0) Deshret
23 Could this be it?! (post #0) Deshret
24 China's dismal view of African Negroes. (post #0) Deshret
25 More than 600 women and girls were recently raped along the Congo-Angola border durin (post #0) Deshret
26 Is there any significant history of southerners conquering people of the north? (post #0) Deshret
27 DNA vierdic is in, Eva Longaria is European. (post #0) Deshret
28 Humans Not As Genetically Identical As We Thought (post #0) Deshret
29 Is Africa diverse in terms of its people? And in what context is this diversity? (post #0) Deshret
30 Is Wyclef's ego bading him to plunge Haiti into a civil war?!?! (post #0) Deshret
31 And you still wonder why the claim is made that Africans are less evolved? (post #0) Deshret
32 I tried to have an open mind but damn! (post #0) Deshret
33 Satellite image of hotspots on the planet (post #0) Deshret
34 Even radical Afrocentic ideology is copped from earlier radical Eurocentrism. (post #0) Deshret
35 Why do Afrocentrists pass off this head bust as Negro? (post #0) Egyptology
36 Afrocentric history; Black mythology. (post #0) Deshret
37 HAHA! The DNA results were actually revealed! King Tut is European (LOL)! (post #0) Deshret
38 I have always contended that staying in Africa stunted the evolutionary growth... (post #0) Deshret
39 I got into a debate and was told I offended this person. What is your opinion? (post #0) Deshret
40 Debunking "Black Hannibal"; "Black Carthage." (post #0) Deshret
41 Australian Aborigines vs "Black" Africans (post #0) Deshret
42 Man! I just love this African American writer. (post #0) Deshret
43 This right here encapsulates Afrocentrism. (post #0) Deshret
44 Contrasing European and African art. (post #0) Deshret
45 Can the Negro compose music like this? (post #0) Deshret
46 It took a white man to evolve rap and make it universal, what a shame. (post #0) Deshret
47 Afrocentrism is getting polverized on the net! (post #0) Deshret
48 How remaining in Africa stunted the negro evolutionary growth (post #0) Deshret
49 Study shows light brown to be the most attrative skin tone (post #0) Deshret
50 Chinese companies are renting White people (post #0) Deshret

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